The lesson of kindness and humanity: She buys food for abandoned dogs

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The lesson of kindness and humanity

11-year-old Hana Djordjevic from Prokuplje teaches us a lesson in kindness and humanity every day. With the support of her parents and family, she recently launched a fantastic mission. She started walking dogs to her fellow citizens for symbolic monetary compensation. With the money she earned she bought food for street dogs.

She covered the city with posters offering to walk pets to fellow citizens who need help for a very small fee. The idea to help his friends, street dogs, has existed in this way for two years. Of course, at that time she was still small and her humane endeavor could not be realized.

girl feeding dogs
The lesson of kindness and humanity: She buys food for abandoned dogs

But that didn’t stop her from constantly carrying granules in her pocket. Whenever she sees a street dog, she uses the opportunity to feed him. Her peers carry candies and snacks in their pockets, Hana carries food for those who live on the street from today to tomorrow. Hana, otherwise an excellent student at the elementary school “Ratko Pavlović Ćićko” in Prokuplje, says: “

I have already become friends with them. When they see me, they immediately run towards me because they know that I will feed them. I never let them down because there is always some granule in their pocket for them. My love is not just for dogs, but all animals. ”

The offers started to arrive and Hana is very happy about that. However, the recent rains have damaged previously placed ads, so now he is planning another action to inform potential “clients”. By the way, she designed and made the posters herself.

Girl feeding street dogs

Hana has a real little zoo in her home. He keeps two dogs, two cats, and a rabbit. Her wish is to one day have her shelter and to take care of and help all the animals that are left to themselves. Hana’s family gives her great support, which is not strange, considering that they instilled in her a great love for animals. “When she shyly told us what she wanted to do, we thought a little at first, but we didn’t have the heart to turn her down. We know how much she loves animals and that she would feed them before them. We accepted everything she said and thought, she does it exclusively for humanitarian reasons “- says Hana’s grandmother Gordana.

Unlike many, Hannah is not afraid of street dogs. She says to tame them with her love which they immediately feel. He quickly becomes friends with everyone and they are happy to be happy on the streets knowing that they will always get something from their friend. This amazing girl does not spend her pocket money on toys. Every dinar she gets goes for animal feed. If we already know that, all we have to do is support her and invite all dog owners in Prokuplje to respond to Hana’s call. Their pets will be in safe hands, and thus will help this girl to fulfill her humane mission.

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