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Spanish Mastiff is one of the older breeds of dogs, according to some sources it has existed for more than 2000 years. He is used primarily as a guard dog, but as a pet, he is very attached. He will never show aggression towards someone weaker than himself. Aware of his strength, confidence, calm in character, and loyal to his owner.

Spanish Mastiff Origin

The Spanish Mastiff is a very old breed. According to some sources, it existed on the territory of today’s Spain even before the Roman invasion. He reportedly arrived with the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians more than 2,000 years ago. During the 10th century, it gained a lot of popularity, because, in that period, more intensive sheep breeding began, as well as wool production. During the 12th century, the development of this breed reached its peak, because, in that period, the breeding of the famous Merino sheep began. The Spanish mastiff was used as a herd keeper and shepherd, because of its size, it could easily defend the herd from wolves and all other potential threats. This dog was considered an excellent guard, resistant to weather conditions. He was very hardy and able to take care of a larger number of sheep at the same time.


The Spanish Mastiff is a very large, muscular and strong dog with harmonious proportions. Large body covered with hair of medium length. He has a large head, a straight forehead. The nose is always black, with wide nostrils. The eyes are relatively small and are usually brown. The ears are small, thick and triangular. This dog is one of the larger breeds and can seem scary because of its huge size. He has a strong body, a muscular neck. This dog’s chest circumference is greater than the height at the withers. They can appear in brown, black, wolf and colorful. The average weight ranges from 52-120 kg, and the average height ranges from 60 to 88 cm.

Spanish Mastiff Nature

A good-natured, tame character and a calm dog who will never show aggression towards someone weaker than himself. An excellent guardian and protector of people and property. When it is necessary to protect the herd or its human family, they will react safely, decisively and without fear. It is considered a very intelligent dog that is easy to train. While he is still a puppy, it is necessary to start with socialization, to avoid problems with other dogs. It has a rather loud and melodic bark which can be a problem for some owners.


As this is a huge dog, it is not recommended to keep it in an apartment. His hair protects him from the cold and external influences, so he can live outside in a secured house without any problems. He needs regular brushing as well as seasonal haircuts to remove dead hair. He can be prone to obesity, so it is necessary to take care of his diet and provide him with a sufficient amount of physical activity. Of the more serious health problems, they may be prone to hip and shoulder dysplasia.

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