Ragamuffin – Extraordinary character cat breed

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Ragamuffin is one of the biggest cats in the world. It looks very much like a ragdoll cat, it has an extraordinary character. Cute, intelligent, she loves to spend time surrounded by her human family.


American Anna Baker is considered responsible for the origin and development of this race. Ragamuffin, which looks very much like a ragdoll cat, was created by crossing a ragdoll, a Himalayan, Persian, and American long-haired cat. It was created in 1994 and has been internationally recognized since 2011. Originally, her name was supposed to be a Liebling but her valid name, created as a breeder’s joke, literally means “ragged” in English.

Ragamuffin Appearance

Ragamuffin is a large cat that looks very much like a ragdoll cat. It has long hair, which is rarely lost. It occurs in all colors and color combinations. Their eyes can also be in all color combinations. An interesting fact is that ragamuffin kittens are born completely white, and only later do they get their true appearance. It is a very muscular cat with a long and very gorgeous tail. Females of ragamuffin weigh between 4.5 and 7 kg, while males reach a weight of up to 9 kg.


Ragamuffin Nature

Ragamuffin is a great pet that adores following its owner in the footsteps, as well as spending as much time as possible in his lap. She is very cuddly and intelligent, she loves to run after the ball like a dog and to bring it to its owner. He learns all the tricks quite easily and likes to greet people from his family at the front door. She likes to be surrounded by people, she will suffer if she is alone for a long period. It is ideal for families with children because it is very patient and tolerant with children. It will get along well with other pets if you have them, whether it is another cat, dog, or bird.

Health and care

Ragamuffin is a pet for the apartment, she loves being surrounded by her family. He has great energy and will enjoy running for the ball or playing and cuddling with children and other family members. Her beautiful hair does not fade at all, but it is recommended to brush it at least once a week to keep the fur smooth, shiny, and healthy. They will take care of the hygiene themselves, so there is no need for frequent bathing. These kittens mature slowly, reaching full maturity as well as size only in their fourth year. As a breed, they are considered generally healthy, but they can be prone to obesity, so it is necessary to take care of their diet.

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