Kishu Ken Dog Breed Characteristics

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Kishu Ken dog is an old breed that originated in Japan. A great choice for people who like to play sports and stay in nature. An excellent hunting dog, but also a faithful and affectionate pet who likes to be involved in all activities of his human families.

Kishu Ken Origin

Kishu Ken dog comes from an old breed of medium-sized dogs that previously lived in Japan. They originated in the area of ​​Kishu, after which they got their name. They were originally used to hunt wild boar and roe deer. The first specimens of this breed were dominated by sesame and tiger, while later only monochromatic specimens became allowed. Nowadays, Kishu is mostly white, they are used primarily during hunting, but also more and more often as pets.

Kishu Appearance

Kishu is a very strong and muscular dog, of medium height. His muscles are well developed, he is of a proportional build. It has a ring or sickle tail and ears carried upright. It has a coarse double short coat, with a very soft undercoat. The color in which it most often appears is white, but some specimens can also be in tiger, sesame, or red. Males are on average about 52 cm tall, and females are on average 46 cm tall. The weight of this breed ranges from 13-27 kg.

Kishu Ken Nature

Kishu Ken dog is very friendly towards almost everyone, he is considered a calm and quiet dog. He barks very rarely and is extremely loyal to his human family. He can be reserved and distrustful towards foreigners. It is not difficult for dressage if you start with dressage and socialization from an early age. He needs an experienced, strong, and consistent owner who will use positive training methods. It is not recommended for families with very small children, while it will get along well with the older ones, who have been taught that a dog is not a toy.

Health and Care

Kishu Ken has a high level of energy, it is necessary to provide him with daily long walks and running. It is recommended to keep it in a house with access to a fenced yard. He sheds moderately, a weekly brushing is enough for him. Although they are light in color, they do not get dirty much and it is recommended to bathe only when it is really necessary. Pay special attention to their nails and ears because they are prone to infections. They are considered an extremely healthy breed without known genetic diseases.

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