Kid’s empathy for animals: Kids care for abandoned puppies in the school

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Kid's empathy for abandoned puppies

Kid’s empathy for animals: In a sea of ​​ugly and shocking stories about abandoning, torturing, and killing animals, stories like this often go unnoticed. The wonderful story of learning through our example of humanity, empathy, and care for every living being thrilled us. We hope that you will share it with everyone who sees hope and the future of our children in such examples.

Kid’s empathy for animals

The elementary school “Nikola Tesla” in Pribojska Banja is not a school like any other. In addition to knowledge, it acquires love for animals and nature, develops a sense of care for the helpless, and creates people who have empathy for everyone unlucky in life.

Kid's empathy for abandoned puppies
Kids with puppies in the schoolyard

Kids as the innocent souls petted abandoned puppies

Three puppies were left by an irresponsible fellow citizen near a garbage container in the schoolyard. The puppies, like all the other puppies, wandered around the yard, and the children, as well as all the innocent souls, accepted them. They petted them, fed them, and played with them. The school management knew that walking the puppies in the yard was not the solution. But, they knew that the solution was not to simply throw the dogs out on the street.

Kid's empathy for abandoned puppies
Kid’s empathy for animals

Sense of care and empathy

School psychologist Saša Bjelić suggests that dogs stay in the yard and that students take care of the puppies. The story is simple: the educational program includes developing a sense of care and empathy, and there is no better way to learn than to get to know and implement the material in practice! The principal agreed, most of the teaching staff also – here are the solutions.

Puppies got beautiful homes

Some technical issues remain to be resolved. Puppies cannot be outdoors. But where there is will and love, problems are solved quickly. A group of workers who were working on repairs at the school offered to make a house for puppies. That’s how they got their first, small, real home.

The house is placed next to the entrance to the school, in a dry and protected place. They get the attention, love and care they need. Children were given a new obligation and a new form of learning about how to treat the environment and other living beings.

Is there a better solution for everyone to make these children good and honest people?

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