Jealous Dog – These are signs that your dog is jealous

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Jealous dog – Dogs know how to attach themselves to people and even objects, and the natural answer is to want what they consider their own, but what does it look like when they overdo it

Animal experts and behaviorists do not always agree on whether dogs experience jealousy in the same way that humans do. A study conducted a couple of years ago suggests that dogs do feel envious, but, interestingly, it could be based on other more instinctive emotions, such as storing resources. Regardless of whether it is about exactly the same feelings as in humans or not, when you deal with this topic a little, you come to the conclusion that dogs can really be jealous. They know how to attach themselves to people, and even to objects, and the natural answer is to want what they consider their own. It is nice to know that the dog loves you, and that he is jealous of everyone who approaches you, but this must not become a habit, because it is not good or healthy for your pet.

These are signs that your dog is jealous


When a dog is “tiring”, constantly pushing you, blocking your path, or leaning on you, he is actually showing you that he is jealous. He demands your attention at that moment and simply cannot stand the idea that someone else has more “benefits” than himself.


Snarling, assault and attack are considered an act of aggression. This can happen when you sit comfortably with the dog and he growls at anyone who dares to approach you. This type of jealousy can be directed at people and other pets.

The trick

During training, your dog learned to reward him. You give them treats and compliments when they roll over, spin. If they desperately want your attention, performing a trick seems like a good way to get what they want. If you’re talking on the phone, don’t be surprised if your jealous pet does a previously learned trick just to get your attention.


Although the tricks bring them praise, jealous dogs do not always care what reaction they have, as long as they get it. In their mind, bad behavior is the same as doing something good. If by jumping on you, nibbling on furniture or running around the house, they shift your focus to themselves, from whatever you have been doing, the dog thinks it is a victory. Dogs are an excellent manipulator.


Jealousy is often a form of insecurity. If the dog feels neglected, he becomes jealous and may not be able to cope with that feeling, so sometimes he expresses his emotions by leaving the room. Don’t be surprised by this, but we definitely advise you to seek the help of a professional, a veterinarian who deals with dog behavior.

Tip plus

– Spend enough time with your dog and make sure he feels loved and important to you.

– Reduce all causes of his stress.

– Stick to your usual routine and avoid changes.

– Reprimand the dog once it tries to push between you, bark, or otherwise draw attention to itself to the detriment of the other party, and then ignore them. Then praise him.

– Train daily with your pet.

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