Dogs in the workplace: Why it is good to take a pet to work!

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Dogs in the workplace look like a dream situation. Although this is still not possible, mainly due to various company and state rules or health reasons, many companies have seen the benefits of introducing rules in the workplace that allow keeping pets during working hours. The advantages are numerous, and this text is intended for everyone who is in a dilemma whether to introduce the possibility of bringing pets to work and those who are fighting for that right.

Dogs in the workplace reduce employee stress

Workplace stress is an integral part of the job and is virtually inevitable. Numerous studies have proven that dogs lower stress levels and increase employee satisfaction. Pets tend to create a comfortable working environment and create a balanced atmosphere that reduces tension.

They increase the mood

Everyone’s mood improves when the dog happily approaches to greet him. Such behavior is conditioned by unconditional worship in dogs. This will help you feel better even when working with people you wouldn’t choose as colleagues, let alone friends. On the other hand, if you face with a short deadline for completing a task, just pet your dog and everything will be easier.

They increase productivity

Some think that an office full of dogs interferes with work. There is truth in that, however, the benefits are far greater. After a short break in which you deal with your pet, you will be in a much better mood for new work victories, which in any case has a positive effect on your work results.

Dogs in the workplace help improve communication

Poor communication among employees can be the cause of much less overall business success. This is especially noticeable in offices where there are people who hold something more to themselves than to cooperate with colleagues. Dogs help build team spirit. They represent the common interest of employees and make it easier to have much more serious conversations, which is great for improving communication among employees.

Pets encourage a healthier lifestyle

Dogs should be taken for walks and during working hours to perform physiological needs. Maintaining physical fitness through various exercises with dogs during breaks helps prevent the occurrence of behavioral problems in both the dog and employees. Walking outdoors with a dog is a much healthier activity than drinking coffee and smoking in a shared restaurant.

Dogs reduce absences from work

Stress reduction affects the overall health of employees. Fewer of these problems mean fewer absences from work. The work environment and the lack of care about what the dog does in the house during working hours also affect the fact that employees with higher concentration do their jobs and stay overtime to complete the started jobs. Employers especially love this.

Jobs that make it possible to bring a dog look more attractive to future workers

If you are looking for new skilled workers and offer them the option to be able to bring your pet to work, the chances are higher that you will successfully find them even for a lower salary. It’s not all about money, the satisfaction we feel at work is sometimes much more important than the salary itself. A pet that is with us during working hours is that kind of pleasure.

Dogs additionally socialize in the workplace

If you thought the benefits of bringing dogs to work were reserved for humans only, think again. More dogs in the workplace are extremely useful for them as well. He will connect with people, other dogs and will be much more stable and socialized. Also, instead of sitting alone in the house or some expensive living room, these pets are showered with attention in great company and an environment in which they will never be bored.

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