Dog Hero – The dog saved the little baby ( video)

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Dog Hero

Dog Hero rescue a baby that her mother buried alive in Thailand. A dog named Ping Pong with his unusual behavior attracted the attention of its owner. Use Nisaike is a farmer in the village of Ban Nong Kam in Thailand.

Nisaike saw his dog sniffing frantically and digging the ground. When he approached, he saw the baby’s leg at the place where the dog was digging.

The owner of the dog, together with the neighbors, managed to pull the baby out of the ground. The baby was immediately transported to the hospital, and the doctors determined that the baby was alive and healthy.

Dog Hero Nisaike says:

” I heard the dog barking and the baby crying, so I went to check on it. The dog was digging on the ground and from there the baby’s legs appeared.”

The baby’s mother was found to be a 15-year-old teenager who admitted after interrogation that she had buried her baby. The teenager was charged with attempted murder after being examined by a psychologist.

She says:
I regret that I did it, I did it in affection. I was afraid that my parents would find out I was pregnant.

Six-year-old Pasha Ping Pong was declared a hero by the local population and the media. Ping Pong is a disabled dog, after an accident in which he was hit by a car he cannot use all four legs.

According to its owner, Ping Pong is always a loyal and obedient dog and helps him every day when he goes to the field and takes care of the cattle.

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