Chihuahuas adopted a kitten

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Chihuahuas adopted a kitten

Chihuahuas adopted a kitten – Old dogs are great life companions. They are wise, milder than younger dogs, and are loyal to the core. All people who have adopted an older dog know how charming these animals can be.

Unfortunately, a lot of people see the process of welcoming a dog into their home as a shopping process and everyone is always looking for the youngest and cutest puppies. Because of that, a lot of older dogs stay in shelters where they can be unbearably lonely. However, some people give these dogs a chance.

Take Julie Doherty for example, who has not one, but four older chihuahuas – Momo, Choli, Paloma, and Benita. They all spend time eating, napping, sunbathing, and simply enjoying their golden years.

These four are quite used to their life in Julie’s home, but their world was shaken when Julie came home with a kitten in her hands! At less than a month old, this kitten, now called Rosita, was surprisingly full of energy and ready to play with everyone.

Chihuahuas adopted a kitten
Chihuahuas adopted a kitten

The dog team was a little cautious with Rozit at first, but soon they all lay together as if they had known each other all their lives.

What is important to say is that Julie not only adopted Rosita but also saved her. Some people threw her around and wanted to hurt her, and Julie knew he had to help her and give her a much better life than she had at the time. And now he is definitely in much better hands, that is, paws.

No matter how they decide to rest, one thing is for sure, a team dozing together stays together! We hope that these friends will be happy with each other for many more years.

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