Cats painful pooping – Causes, Symptoms, Solution

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Cats painful pooping

Cats painful pooping – Cats are prone to problems related to difficult emptying, excretion of feces. Constipation or constipation means that the feces stay in the large intestine longer. It becomes drier and harder because the water withdraws from it and the problem deepens. Excretion of feces is accompanied by strain and pain. The cat begins to avoid urination, and a serious condition, constipation, can occur. The recurrence of this condition changes from an acute to a chronic problem. Change in lifestyle and diet is the main part of the solution.

Causes of cats painful pooping


Delaying urination may be the result of insufficiently clean sprinkles or some negative emotion related to the use of utensils.

Painful condition

The pain of various causes can also result in a problem with urination, ie avoiding urination due to the appearance of pain, and then consequent constipation. Osteoarthritis in older cats causes pain in certain body positions. Changes in the skin near the anus can be painful and thus prolong defecation.


Any condition that leads to dehydration can potentially lead to constipation. Older cats are more common patients due to chronic kidney problems and increased urine production.

Cats are prone to problems related to difficult emptying
Cats painful pooping

Cats painful pooping neurological causes

Disorder of nervous control of intestinal contractions and retention of feces, as well as the opposite case of involuntary emptying, are mainly a consequence of some kind of trauma.

Colon obstruction with possible injuries

In the pelvic region, tumors or foreign bodies can also cause retention of contents in the intestines and its subsequent difficult excretion. Holding the feces in front of the blockage can cause secondary megacolon.

Megacolon-enlarged part of the colon

With a weakened, inactive wall – it can be the result of severe, chronic constipation, but it can also be so-called idiopathic. For no apparent reason, the wall of the colon is dilated with reduced mobility, so the excretion of intestinal contents is slowed down.


  • Difficult ejaculation with strain and even pain
  • Reduced number of feces, less than one in two days
  • Ejection of small, very dry pieces of feces
  • Occasional vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Mood
  • Increased urge but no resulting feces
Cats Poop Color
Cats poop color

The solution for cats painful pooping

Solving the problem of constipation should be on an individual level. Each cat with its changed behavior should be observed separately depending on the cause of the problem, its general condition, and the severity of the registered problem. Initial therapy involves general symptomatic therapy with various types of laxatives, enemas, and prokinetic drugs. It is necessary to start the contents of the intestine and not allow additional obstruction and disruption of the intestinal wall and the formation of megacolon. In long-term and severe cases, the veterinarian may need to resort to surgery as a solution. That is why it is very important to act preventively – by modifying the diet, regulating possible problems in the environment, the introduction of certain auxiliary drugs.

Increase fluid intake

The proportion of canned, moist food should be maximized. Increased fluid intake will also increase feces moisture. Studies that have dealt with this pathology show a better effect on the movement of feces through the intestinal tract of wet food, especially if it also contains additional fiber, than dry food with added water. Add water to dry food, in case the cat eats only dry commercial food and refuses to eat wet.

Dietary supplements

Certain supplements or nutrients can be added to or with a regular diet that will improve bowel motility. These can be preparations that are soluble fiber, probiotics that will stimulate and balance the microbiome in the intestines, or Omega fatty acids that will reduce the bad condition in the intestines that can also occur. Vitamin supplements mainly consist of B vitamins.

Dietary fiber

An important ingredient in a modified diet, but with very careful and defined use. Because some added fiber can help with a certain type of constipation, and with others, it can even worsen the condition. Given such different effects of fiber intake due to their different properties, in addition to determining an accurate diagnosis, for their good effect, one should start with smaller doses and increase them to the desired effect. A diet high in fiber is generally of low total digestibility, so attention must be paid to other nutrients: proteins and fats, to be high quality and highly digestible, for proper nutrition of the meal.

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