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Can Dogs Identify Colors

Can Dogs Identify Colors? It is widely perceived that dogs can only see everything in black and white. According to the American Kennel Club, canines can see a spectrum of colors similar to humans with red-green color-blindness. While human eyes contain three color receptors called cones, people with red-green color blindness only have two cones, making them unable to identify reds and greens.

Eyes have rods and cones. Rods signify how bright or dim something is while cones help to identify color. While humans have three, dogs’ eyes only have two cones. They not only can’t identify red and green but also all other shades associated with those two colors including pink, purple and orange.

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Can Dogs Identify Colors

Dogs can see shades of yellow, brown and blue and certain hues of gray, black and white. This means if your dog has a red colored toy, it will appear brown to him and if he has an orange colored toy, it will appear as brownish-yellow.

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Now here’s a fun fact –  Most of you will now understand why your pooch loves a yellow tennis ball so much.

As pet parents, it is your duty now to buy products that feature the colors that they can identify. The next time you play fetch with your pooch, find a toy that is blue or yellow in color. If the toy is red or orange, your furry one is likely to run past it and not be able to identify it. It will be difficult for the pooch to identify a toy that is similar to the color of grass in your lawn.

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