Bathing the dog: Why do dogs go crazy after a bath?

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Bathing the dog – You must have noticed after bathing, dogs just go crazy! Of course, not literally. But what do you call the behavior when they run around the apartment, dig parquet and carpet, bark, roll, and scratch about every object they come across…? Some call it FRAP, zooming or in our language – fooling around. But why do they do it?

Relief (from dirt – or because the bath is over?), Luck, try to regain your old scent as soon as possible… all this is stated by many owners. Science says that the following reasons are the most common for dogs to be hyperactive after bathing.

Anxiety in the bathroom

Unless you have a dog who loves to bathe in a bath and shampoo, this situation is well known to you. Having rolled in-who-knows-what during a walk or it’s just time for a bath, your dog already knows how to figure out how to put him in the bathroom and do a job that no one likes. He hid in the farthest part of the apartment, pretended to sleep, pretended not to hear you, cried, and abducted himself, not wanting to enter the bathroom. Stress for everyone in the house! After the first experience of bathing, the bathroom is a space that awakens extremely unpleasant associations for him. It is not strange for him to go crazy when he realizes that this is an unpleasant situation for him. Of course, he will run, jump and go crazy. It’s about luck because he came out of the bathroom and finished bathing.

Bathing the dog

A new strange smell

As we know all dogs have a more or less specific smell. That specific should be read – unpleasant. This smell can be aggravated by various impurities that will pick up during walks and games with other dogs. People, on the other hand, like their dogs to smell nice, flowers, various soaps, perfumes, honey – in fact, everything but dog fur, and even soiled.

Believe it or not, the American Pet Association has published data that owners spend more than 5 billion dollars a year on products and services related to bathing dogs. At the top of the most sought-after products are fragrant shampoos for dogs.

People like the smell of a freshly washed dog, but so do dogs. Their sense of smell is much stronger than ours. That sense is in the service of their knowledge of the world in which they live. After bathing, they are coated with a new completely unknown scent. What is a good solution for them? Running, rolling into everything we come across, combing around anything that already has a well-known smell. So they try to get rid of the new smell and regain their old well-known one. It is in their genes that they want to smell the grass, dust, and objects that surround them.

No drying

The answer to the question of why they go crazy after bathing is in a natural need to remove moisture from the fur and skin. Any dog ​​that comes out of the river or gets wet, the first thing it does is shake and throw water off the fur. It will do that when you take it out of the bathtub – the fact that the whole bathroom and you, of course, will be completely wet after that does not mean that the pet has gone crazy. If after that he rushes out of the bathroom and starts rolling and rubbing on the carpets, it is a sign that he is still wet, and you will admit that this is not the natural condition of dogs. After all, you wipe well after a shower.

Bathing the dog

Fooling after bathing and characteristic hyperactivity is somewhat more common in younger dogs. Everything is fun for them, even the period immediately after bathing. At the same time, your reaction whether you are laughing or shouting to prevent him from rolling on the couch is a new incentive for him to continue his madness. We recommend that you let him go crazy – it never lasts too long. If it causes damage to your home due to such behavior, create a safe zone: a limited space in which it will go crazy. For example, put more of his towels and canvas toys in the bathroom, in which he will roll, enclose a part of the space in the room with a plastic fence for dogs or babies, where he will be able to dry himself without getting wet furniture, walls, and paintings.

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