Asian Golden Cat: Fearless being of the night

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Asian Golden Cat

Asian Golden Cat prefers subtropical and tropical forests but also inhabits the rocky deserts of Asia. Like most of its wild cousins, this cat is a creature of the night

This beautiful wild cat has a strong, stocky and muscular body, long legs and is a medium-sized cat. She is on the list of “most endangered species” because there is a belief that her hair drives away tigers and brings good luck, while the meat of these animals is considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia.

Asian Golden Cat Hair

The fur of these cats can be red as in foxes, golden brown, black, brown or gray. They have thick fur and are mostly without conspicuous patterns like their wild cousins. In the northern parts of Asia, some cats adorn stripes and tufts similar to those of leopards. The most striking physical characteristics of these cats are the white and black lines along the cheeks, and from the eyes to the scalp.

Golden Cat

Asian Golden Cat Habitat

This cat inhabits East and Southeast Asia. It is present in China, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia and Nepal. Its habitats are forests, grassy vegetation and hilly landscapes. It prefers subtropical and tropical forests but also inhabits the rocky deserts of Asia. In some parts of China, they are also called “rock cats”.

Asian Golden Cat Appearance

Asian golden cats have a very long tail, which is one-third to as much as half the length of their body. The Asian golden cat is of strong build. Her body is 66 to 105 centimeters long, and her tail is 40 to 57 centimeters. Their weight varies from nine to 16 kilograms, which is two to three times more than a domestic cat.

Species status

Locals claim that the golden cat is very fearless, but in captivity, it proved to be calm and tame. In some regions of Thailand, it is still believed that burning the fur of a golden cat keeps tigers at a distance, while the Karen people live in the belief that only one coat of this species is enough to protect against evil. The Asian golden cat is considered an “almost endangered species”. In some parts of Asia, the meat of these wild cats is considered a delicacy and they are grilled whole, like pigs or lambs. In some parts of Bangladesh, the meat of the Asian golden cat is believed to give superhuman strength and fearlessness. Their bones are often ground to a powder and given to children who have a fever.

Asian Golden Cat

Asian Golden Cat hunts at night

Like most of its wild cousins, this cat is a creature of the night. It masters a much larger territory than other feral cats. According to the data, their habitats are 20% larger in area than leopards. These cats are still quite unknown and not much is known about them. They are extremely good climbers and can climb any tree, but they do so rarely and spend most of the day on the ground. In the vicinity of human settlements, they hunt poultry, sheep, and goats, while in the wild they feed on wild squirrels, small snakes, birds, rodents, and rabbits. High in the mountains of India, wild boars, water buffaloes and deer also eat.


Like other wild cats, this kitten mostly lives alone, except during mating periods. Interestingly, females in a large number of cases are killed by their partners, even in long-term communities. The longest recorded lifespan of this cat is 20 years.

Asian Golden Cat Cubs

Female Asian golden cats are pregnant for between 75 and 80 days and give birth to one to three cubs. At birth, the young weigh only about 250 grams. After nine days, their eyes open, and they stop sucking at about six months. They are slightly darker in color than adults. They become independent at about 12 months.

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