A curious cat climbed to the top of the mountain

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A curious cat climbed to the top of the mountain

A curious cat – Two young mountaineers, Cyril and Eric Rohrer, was climbing to the top of the snow-covered Britsen Mountains in Switzerland. They heard a meow at an altitude of about 1,200 meters and realized that there was a lost cat there.

It seemed that she wandered off and ended up on the slopes of the mountain by accident, writes the Daily Mail. The Roers later learned that the cat had run away from home a few days earlier. This was the third time it had headed towards the top of the mountain, following the previous groups of mountaineers in the same way.

It was 4.30 in the morning, we reached a height of 1,200 meters when we heard a meow from the forest. We saw a frightened and confused cat that joined us and climbed with us to the top of 3,000 meters, the young men said. The animal was trembling, and its paws were bleeding from walking on hard and icy snow. We decided to take her with us. We often wore it when we noticed that it was too exhausted to continue walking uphill, said the young mountaineer.

Another group of mountaineers, who overtook us on the ascent to the top, returned it to the lowlands and handed it over to the owners. We later found out that she disappeared four days ago, and she followed the other mountaineers to the very top. A curious cat climbed the top three times! Animals are much tougher than humans and never give up, despite the pain, Cyril said.

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